#2250 – more financial aid mess

i should get ready for bed soon since i open the store in the morning, but i just got myself a drink… better finish this first. it’s starting to snow outside too…

so today i went to umbc and talked to the financial aid staff some more (i was curious when the loan checks would start to be processed and if they could note my account with collections about how i know that when i recieve my loan checks i’ll cash them and pay collections with them). apparently the loan checks start to be processed in about a week and then another week or so until they’re recieved. the lady i spoke with thought they might be able to get my account pulled from collections, so she had me talk with the councilor on duty (who was the lady that said she made an exception to let me register for my classes) and she said no way because they already made an exception for me. 😛 so i’m no worse off, but at least i have a little more knowledge, and you know what they say about knowledge!

so then i went to the bookstore and got an airport extreme base station (it’s XXXXTREEEMEEE!!!™) and came home and set that up. i’ve got no computers with wireless, but i’m planning on it, and i can use it as a dhcp server for our home network.

now i’m hunting around on, talking with shoujonomori about her trying to turn me gay for some guy named “nek”, listening to italian gothrock, and i just got paid! hooray for direct deposit! MAD HUNGARIANS (rootbeer + rum) TO CELEBRATE!