#2248 – from the green-apple two-step to the original dixieland one-step

i don’t know which is worse here, the too-much-information-y story behind the cut, or the puns contained within… i’m lj-cutting it, you’ll only have yourself to blame for reading it…

ok, so i’m down in my room in the basement and i run off to the bathroom down here with a case of the shits… i’m sitting there bored while i do my thing for about 5 or 10 minutes (it was so much a case of the shits as it was one of these:

yes indeed, big and brown it was).

so i’m sitting there bored while i do my thing, so i whip it out (my PDA you fools!) and balance it on my knees while i load up table-tennis on there and play a few games of that.

so i guess you could really say that as i was sitting on the can with my pants around my ankles i was smacking my balls around with my Palm.