#2244 – rat on / go you

never before have two pictures helped convey a thought better than “rat on” / “go you”

this has got to be my favorite song on this album so far, but only because i haven’t had a chance to give the entire album a good proper listening so far.

tomorrow i might be hanging out with some friends after work and maybe might go see “big fish” (fataleplay, check your email! 😀 ). next week i might stop by the baltimore car expo with mom to look around (car shows are fun!) when i’m not working or at the fraternity retreat. 😛

man this weather sucks… 11° F? and it feels like -4° F??? brr… i got gas in the car and had to put a quart of oil in too, and by the time i got back in the car i couldn’t feel my hands. ;_;

know what i like to keep me warm? “hawt” chix. *rimshot* OH I KILL MYSELF WITH THE PUNS! XD