#2240 – test drive

today i lounged in bed more than i should have (meaning i woke up and fell back asleep and woke up again at 12:30 when i had stuff needing to be done), but once i was up it was almost non-stop action!

did some laundry, took a shower, and waited for the laundry to finish… but since the laundry was taking so long i found another shirt and wore this new sweater my grandparents gave me for christmas ^_^

it was around 3:00 by this time, so i drove out to the mini dealership and took a look around. the salesman i had talked to over email some was with a customer, so i just browsed around and one other guy there and i talked a little bit about the cars. one guy (i assume the manager… he looked like someone who should be in management, haha) asked me if i wanted to do a test drive while i waited, but i had other stuff i needed to do (like pick up anne from after-school care for mom), so i said i’d be back later that night. they gave me a booklet to look through as i left.

went home and flipped throught the booklet some while i waited for everyone else to get home… i wanted dad to come with me when i went back since he might have some questions that i might not think of, so when i went back it was myself, dad, feisty_fitz, and anne off to the dealer – mom stayed here at home.

looked at the cars and talked with the salesman some and got to test drive the cooper and the cooper s back-to-back and i think i like the cooper s much better… it’s got more power than the regular cooper, and even though it’s $3000 more stock you get lots of things that you’d have to buy to get on the regular cooper. it could be a little bit of perception too, since the cooper that they had for me to test drive was an automatic (yuk, that doesn’t feel like driving – or “motoring” – at all!), while the cooper s was a 6-speed manual, but even still i could feel the difference. when i did the test drives i took them from the dealership, back to annapolis (a whole 2 exits down route 50) and into our backyard and tootled the horn so mom would come out and see how they looked. it was funny that i was trying out green and yellow models since those were the colors i was trying to decide between. (i originally wanted green with black roof, but mom suggested yellow and that idea grew on me… i’ll probably end up getting yellow with black roof and black stripes across the hood [artist’s rendition] XD).

it actually was a very nice ride. lots of visibility (a little hard to see right behind you when backing up, but that’s where the option of having a bat hide out in the back of the car to use sonar to alert you to things in your path comes in. it’ll take a little bit of getting used to the 6-speed manual from a 5-speed, but it wasn’t too bad.

after the drives we talked some more to the salesperson and looked under the hood and talked about the options, but since it was getting to closing time we headed out. i’ll probably go back to talk some more and see about putting down a deposit to order one on thursday 😀 😀 😀 <3 <3 <3 they say it takes 8 - 12 weeks (usually only 8-10, but it can take up to 12) to recieve once the order's been placed, but that's fine by me. tomorrow i was going to work back at my usual store, but one of my coworkers asked me to switch shifts with her so i'm working the same hours but since she was scheduled to work at the bowie towne centre store (home of words that end in "e"), that's where i've got to be at 8 am. yay. ^^; at least i'm not closing there like i did on sunday - sunday i opened and closed there by myself as the only customer service rep there all day and didn't get out until an hour and a half after the store had closed, and didn't get to take a lunch or anything ;_; apparently they fired someone so now they're short-handed, but as one of my coworkers said to them "you should go firing people unless you can pick up the slack!" apparently also my store manager was fired or was asked to leave recently too... i haven't heard anything definite, but i've heard rumors of sexual harassment charges by three of the ladies that work in my store o_o; anyway, off to bed, work tomorrow, and stueypark and i will go visit zenmetsu as long as he don’t cough on us.

and happy birthday to my favorite tuna, shoujonomori!!! you’re legal now, so i kidnapped harrison ford and gift-wrapped him and he’s in the mail!! XDDDD!!! :3 :3 :3