#2235 – new zealand

yesterday was our office party, so we went out to a restaurant (our waiter was some guy named “zak” who seemed to know me from someplace, but i don’t remember where i know him from ^_^;), but since they were closing just as we got there and ordered we went to tgi friday’s for drinks… i got a sam adams beer? lager? whaver it was… they were out of yuengling, but the bartender said it tasted kind of like yuengling, and they were right, it wasn’t bad.

damn, that’s one long sentence. and could i have put any more commas in that? sorry.

in any case, it was fun.

today at work was not so fun. two people called out “sick” (one of them was out partying last night and seemed fine then), one of the greeters showed up an hour late (so i was working as greeter when we opened… it’s not so bad, but since we were short-staffed people were getting upset with me that they had to wait), and i was supposed to leave at 5:30 but since one of the customer service reps was out on his lunch at that time and there was a long line of people for customer service there and since i was the only customer service rep i couldn’t just leave them there. so i had to help them all out by myself and ended up staying an extra half-hour until 6. at least i get paid for that, but since i had been there since 8 am i really didn’t want to hang around. (which reminds me, i need to check to be sure the schedule for me for saturday is correct – when they made the december schedule it included the first few days of january and i was scheduled off on the 3rd, but when they made january’s schedule i’m supposed to work until 5:30 that day).

the store manager said that we were clubbed like a baby seal things were going so bad for us.

the good things about today were that i found out that january 1 is a paid holiday (and i don’t work that day XD). the other good thing is that i helped out this lady who had a girl with her from new zealand, and not only was the girl HAWT but that new zealand accent was so amazingly sexy. ;_;

the other other good thing is now it’s the last day of the month. PAYDAY! XD

i think i’ll go to bed early tonight for partying tomorrow night XD