#2229 – loot

just got back from visiting with the relatives at the aunt and uncle’s place a little while ago, and while it was nice and kind of fun, there is one thing i absolutely HATE about their house. they’ve got at least 5 dogs (i heard there was 7 but only counted 5 when i got there, and then one set of relatives brought their dog with them as well), and these are all hounddogs that 1) never shut up when they’re outside, 2) never leave you alone inside, and 3) shed ALL OVER THE PLACE.

but aside from the dogs it was pretty fun… list of the loot so i can keep it straight for who gave me what…

in my stocking:

a mini bonsai kit

steppenwolf, “all time greatest hits”

– post-it notes

– a nice tie with different clock faces on it

– a buzz-ball (a foam football that makes buzzing noises when it’s thrown)

aaa club membership

(speaking of cars and whatnot, i talked mini coopers with mom and dad last night, and they actually think it’s not that bad of an idea for me to get myself a car ^_^ mom wants it to be yellow so people could see me, but i preferred green… i’ll have to see them in person at the dealership in annapolis sometime…)

from anne:

blue man group, “audio”

bill cosby, “himself”

(festive would like the sitckers on the wrapping on these two – they had penguins on them!!)

from kelly:

a calendar of pin-up girls

from mom and dad:

“the 5th element” on dvd

– an old-navy fleece pullover (it’s so soft! you should feel it! ;_;)

– old-navy pajama pants

– two belts, one is reversible for either black or brown

“The Wrong Stuff : Attempts at Flight Before (and after) the Wright Brothers” by phil scott

– a new indiana jones hat XD (it’s not officially an indiana jones hat like my old one was, but it’s made out of higher-quality felt and is crushable… too bad it’s too big – we’re going to exchange it tomorrow. XD mom said that they were going to get me a gift certificate to hats in the belfry but it’s funner to open up an actual present instead ^_^)

from the relatives:

– the carmody family: $20 gift card to best buy (i’m going to buy me “the italian job” with that! XD)

– the morgan family: $10 cash

– the hirsch family: $20 check

– pap-pap: $150 check

we were going to sit around and sing christmas carols with the relatives, so pap-pap passed out these sheets of paper with different lyrics on them, except some of them were in polish (my mom’s side of the family is polish), that’s why i took a pic of one part of the sheet to show how we couldn’t sing most of the songs… how do you pronounce “W” anyways???