#2226 – i gotta wear sunglasses at night…

i gotta wear sunglasses at night… why? because my future is SO BRIGHT.

you know, i’m so glad i’m me. why? well:

of everyone here on my friends list, i’d say that i’ve felt sorry for everyone at some time or another for something going on bad in their lives. i mean REALLY SORRY as in i’d swap places with that person so they wouldn’t have to deal with what they’re dealing with.

i mean, look at me….

job / financial state: not even 21 for 2 months and i get a salaried job in a fast-growing industry with benefits including having my tuition mostly paid for.

mental state: i don’t even remember the last time i cried. september 11, 2001 came and went, and yeah, i definitely felt really bad (there i go with my feeling bad again), but did i shed a tear? no… and i haven’t since then… and i don’t remember when i did before then. yeah, i felt sad, but i guess i can say that i’ve got a pretty good handle on my emotions – i’m definitely not taking my emotions to extremes. sure, there’s times i get in the occasional bad mood, but i’m always trying to look forward to see how to improve myself.

physical state: i’m not sick, i’m in decent physical condition… only complaint is that my jaw pops occasionally when opening or closing my mouth, but wearing my mouthguard at night takes care of that for the most part.

family: i’ve got a family that i couldn’t be happier with and they couldn’t be happier with me.

myself: i don’t really lack anything i need… in fact, i didn’t even really make a christmas list this year since i was pretty much happy with what i have. sure, there’s stuff that would be neat or nice to have, but i didn’t really need them. mom kept pestering me so much to make a list even though i couldn’t really think of much to put on it that she ended up using my wishlist that i hadn’t really updated in a while (even then it mostly had stuff on it that i put on there just for future reference).

you guys: i couldn’t ask for better or nicer friends (either over the internet or in real life)… i mean, i’ve got people like kittenchan and vond who let me come out to japan to visit and stay with them and they’re nice enough to take me out to places, or anaidiana and xyloart who let me visit them in delaware and even make me pancakes…. those are just two specific examples of the hospitality shown towards me – there’s too many for me to list here. let’s just say that thanks to about a dozen or so of you i’ve been able to travel to two different continents and travel up and down both coasts of this country.

i mean, really… what’s bad for me? doing badly in a class? forget about that… it’s just a class, there’s going to be plenty more, and what’s the worst that could happen? have to take the class over again? it’s not the end of the world. there’s really been no situation that i’m able to get myself into that i can’t get myself out of again. not to inflate my ego, but i just find that i have a tendency to see what went wrong then see how best to recover, that’s all.

all this and more, and i’m young enough to enjoy life as it goes.

yes, thanks to all of you, life is good. ^_^ my icon gives all of you two thumbs up. XD