#2225 – mini coopers

today i was riding along in the car, wearing my black pants, socks, shoes, shirt, and a yellow tie, crusing along, listening to my “playboy extraordinare” playlist, and i felt so classy that all i needed was a mini cooper to complete the ensemble.

(it was really weird when the guy who’s going to be replacing one of my managers stopped by the store today and he was dressed exactly like me, it was very uncanny. but i digress…)

so after work i get home here and i’m looking through all the neat stuff on the mini cooper page, and y’know what? it reminds me of ikea… they’ve got a sense of humor about the company that i like. for instance:

see? i so want to get one. i was just looking at the features you can get optional on the cars, and i saw some things that i had wondered before why cars just didn’t have – like windshield wipers that started by themselves when it started raining, and adjusted their speed with your driving. seeing that you could get that as an option would have sold me if i wasn’t sold already, hehe.

i guess i had better start saving my pennies… XD