#2222 – holidaze

each year for the holidays we (meaning mom and anne and feisty_fitz) paint our front windows so it’s like stained glass… each year is a different sort of theme (it’s always a nativity scene of some sort, but one year it was in a charlie brown christmas theme, or we paint the different people in different styles, etc.) this is the first year that i remember us having a light outside to shine on it though – we might have done that before and i just don’t recall. anyway, we paint it over, and it ends up looking like this:

if you turn the lights out, then with the light shining from outside it looks like this:

the stars in the picture aren’t painted so it lets the light shine on through, and that makes little stars of light appear on our opposite wall and on the ceiling. one year we hung up little stars about 4″ in size from strings from the ceiling next to the painting and that looked really cool too.

our christmas tree is in the living-room too… you can see some of the stars in the background behind it:

retail at christmas-time is burning me out. it’s better than school though in that i get paid for work. XD;; this week i worked 50.5 hours and only got one day off. i work from last wednesday until new years’ day with only christmas off. so, since i don’t work on new year’s day, i want to go to a party on new year’s eve but i haven’t heard of anyone having any parties 🙁 i need someplace to try this new pick-up line! it’s failproof! >XD are any of you people having a party i can go to for new year’s? 😀 😀 😀