#2219 – adventure serial

i was scheduled to work from 11 am – 8:30 pm, but when one of my coworkers asked if i could close for him and he’d give me $40 in cash to do so, i just couldn’t resist. XD

umbc’s financial aid department sent me back an email:


At this point in order to have your alternative loan disbursed please put in writing that you would like your alternative loan for Fall/Spring. Please also include in your statement that you are aware that the refund check you should receive for the Fall and Spring will need to be paid directly to the state collections unit (SCCU). Your refunds will will not cover the total amount due to collections because the second portion of your alternative loan will be applied to your Spring bill. A second alternative loan will be needed so that you can pay off your collections amount. Your parent could also take out a parent plus loan. Include in your statement that you will be applying for a second alternative or parent plus loan.

I have already confirmed your payment to collections in the amount of $2130.35 on December 16th. Once we receive this statement we will be able to give you registration clearance. Please note that UMBC will be closed 12/14/03-1/15/04. I would recommend confirming receipt of your fax by calling 410-455-1094 or 410-455-1319. When calling to confirm please ask to speak with the counselor on duty. Please note that we are making a one time exception to our office policy.

Amy Spinnato


Office of Financial Aid

1000 Hilltop Circle

Baltimore, MD 21250


looks like sending an email as followup and cc:’ing the school president and provost seemed to help XD

mom was talking tonight about some guy on “trading spaces” whose name is rick rifle… sounds to me like someone from an old adventure serial – you know… it just sounds like something that ought to be titled “RICK RIFLE and the bandits from the boonies”, stuff like that… just like the books about tom swift… or others like “don sturdy on the ocean bottom”, or even “rex lee, ace of the air mail”! we actually own some of those, haha…