#2217 – international traveler and playboy extraordinaire

i made an itunes playlist of bachelor pad music. well, bachelor pad music, but more towards relaxing with the ladies than relaxing by myself – i already had a lounge music playlist, this was more jazzy sort of stuff. i named it “playboy extraordinare”.

while i was at work today i was hit in the head with a pen… i was behind the counter with my head bent down as i was writing things in a booklet, and one of the techs kept poking fun at one of our managers, so she threw a pen at him, it ricocheted off of his arm, flew about 10′ across the room and hit me square in the middle of the top of my head. i jumped a little bit, didn’t even look up, and went back to writing. everyone laughed so hard that they weren’t able to stop for about 10 minutes, hahaha…

speaking of work, we’re having a contest – employees can submit digital pictures of their hobbies / interests to this website (either via email from digital camera, or as a picture message from their phone) and they can sumbit as many pictures as they want. the winner gets a cameraphone and $150, the two runners up get to choose between the camera and the $150. i basically just went through my photo library on the computer and resized and sent off a bunch of pictures tonight, hehehe. i hope i win. i could use $150… i almost felt i was somehow trying to cheat the system even though it says to submit as many pics as you want in the rules. maybe it’s because it says “interests / hobbies”, but since amateur photography is one of my interests, that makes it hard to not post pictures taken because of my ENORMOUS TALENTED GENIUS.

i’m in the mood to go on a trip (especially to japan <3 <3 <3), but i can't since i've got to do things like work. i saw a picture of roppongi in the spring or summer and i was surprised it looked the way it did, but then i remembered that when i was in japan it was winter and so there were no leaves on trees. 😛 still, that was one of my most favorite adventures of all time. (speaking of adventures: i need to get a new indiana jones hat, my current one is getting too small for my head ;_;) still no news from the find-glenn-a-hawt-chix dealie... my coworkers say that i'm a pimp though since they say i've "always" got girls coming in to say hi to me. i think they mean susan, betsy, and suzie, my hair stylist from bubbles. if i really was like that i wouldn't have a little black book, i'd have a big yellow book. *ba-dum ching* thank you, thank you, i’ll be here all week… try the veal, it’s delicious…

i keed.

but seriously, folks. i told mom and dad about financial aid today and they said i should send my email to the bigwigs on campus. tomorrow i’ll send a followup message and cc: it to the provost or something.

in any case, time for bed, got to be at work at 11 am tomorrow. i still need to post about the air and space museum when i get a chance.

otherwise, though, it’s been business as usual for glenn, international traveler and playboy extraordinaire.

…y’know, i like that title… i might just changed my journal’s subtitle from “…from awful to roffle” to that, haha. ok, bedtime. g’night.