#2210 – 50 20 and freeze

well, last night was lots of fun… i was tipsy enough that i was making groucho marx-esque remarks, haha. it was funny when brandon’s friend lindsey was asking me about my employee discount and i said i could only give it to her if she was my wife, and she said “we can arrange that!”

brandon heard that and said he would be my “life-partner” if he got discounts too, ha ha

one of the bands had this fat guy wearing an orioles hat sitting in the back, and if you signed up for their mailing list you got a free cd of the band. i told suitemate dave and brandon that next concert they do, if they’ve got cds by then, it’ll be my job to be the fat guy in the back with the orioles hat. suitemate dave and i agreed that i should come up on stage and rock out with my air guitar for their first song and then tell everyone about the mailing list and then hang out in the back for the rest of the show. dave then told me something i could say about handing out cds but really end up turning it into a “DEEZ NUTS” joke…

“who wants some…….. CD’S?!!! nuts in your mouth!”

i went to work through the snow, and today i was sent on yet another IMPORTANT VERIZON WIRELESS MISSION: go to dunkin’ donuts. oh, and go to the mall to pick up a check that one guy recieved as a bill payment but had his location set wrong in the system, so we would be short on our check deposit if i didn’t get it.

also got a 50′ ethernet cable, hooked it to my 20′ cable, and ran it down to my room… now i’ve got my computer on the internet in my room! yay! except it’s as cold as mr freeze down here. ;_;

now i’m getting sleepy so i must go to bed… WHICH IS NOW ALL OF 3′ AWAY FROM WHERE I AM SITTING NOW. hahahah!