#2203 – resign myself

steve (math major): “what’s up glenn?”

me: “calculus is kicking my ass…”

steve: “what part?”

me: “all of it…”

steve: “send me an im later… i can help you out some…”

me: “hey, thanks!”

steve: “wait. it’s 100-level calculus, right? not 300-level?”

me: “yeah”

steve: “ok, yeah, i know that shit cold.”

me: “you won’t catch me doing any 300-level calculus… 100-level is kicking my ass all over the place… 300-level would kick my ass all over the place, and then eat me up. and then dance on my grave. and then piss on my ashes.”

i’ve practically resigned myself to the fact i’ll have to take calculus again in the spring. no matter, i had to do the same with pre-calculus. 😛

i got a letter in the mail at umbc saying that i won’t have housing on campus in the spring, since i have an outstanding balance on my account. oh well. i could apply and they’d give me housing depending on if there’s room or not. i don’t think i’ll do that, because since now that i’ve got my job 5 minutes from my house i might as well just stay out there…

i need to get my clothes out of the dryer, i did laundry and the dryer gets out the wrinkles in the clothes… it’s a poor-man’s iron… then i need to get to bed. tomorrow is going to SUCK. i’ve got work from 8:00 – ~2:50, head to umbc to take my calc exam from 3:30 – 5:30, and then head back to work to finish my shift.

in about 13 hours it’ll all start to be over and done with for the semester.