#2201 – academic year

well, i didn’t finish my computer program by midnight, so it’s going to be late. i’ve got it mostly finished though, so i can work on it during the day on tuesday and finish it.

i got brandon’s rock ‘n roll class notes back from matt, so i can look over it in a bit for my music exam at 11:30, and i’ll also have to type up my papers for my archaeology exam that need to be handed in at 1 pm.

i’ve noticed today that of about everybody i know that’s in school now (and i mean everybody), this just hasn’t been a good year academic-wise. 😛 i wonder why the sudden trend? hm…

in any case, i’m going to take a shower now to help me wake up, then back to work. 😛 if i had some coffee with me i’d put my coffeepot to use.