#2197 – customer appreciation

last night it started to snow, so i came home around midnight. this morning i saw that umbc was closed, but no matter to me, since i had to work from 8 am – 5:30 pm. ;_;

so i went off to work, and for about 4 hours or so i was pretty much by myself – my coworker that opened with me had to leave to go to an interview, so from when the store opened at 10 until around noon or 1 pm i was by myself, and i was BUSY. the whole store was. i would have thought we would have been pretty slow, but i guess since everyone was at home and didn’t have to go to school or work except poor saps like me, they figured that they’d go to my store instead.

it was nice though when this guy who was in my store on wednesday and liked my service so much came back in today and gave me a gift certificate to the wild orchid cafe since he was so appreciative of my work… he was porting his number from at&t but accidentally gave us the wrong number, but i took care of everything and fixed it all. i was slightly embarrassed since i was just doing my job, but he liked the job i did so much he just had to show his appreciation. ^_^ i just need a girl to take with me there… ^_^;; at least it’s good for 2 years, right? hahaha XD;;;;

otherwise work went by pretty fast since i was just busting out customer service left and right, one right after the other.

because it’s supposed to rain and freeze overnight i’m staying at home again tonight, but i don’t have to be at work until 2:30 in the afternoon. i didn’t want to have to try to perform my own version of ice-capades on i-97 from baltimore to work at 7 am. 😛 now if i had a house like john travolta then i could just fly to work! hehehehe

*slight rant* i wish people would actually tell me of events a bit earlier than the event actually happening… we were going to have a big/little event at the fraternity apartment yesterday night, and i didn’t hear about it until 2 hours previous, and i was going to be in class at the time anyways, so i emailed the guy coordinating the event to say that i wouldn’t be able to make it. now tonight i’m sitting around chatting with people on aim via my phone when my big chris sends me a message saying i should go up to the apartment. i say “maybe, if i come back on campus tonight since i’m at home because of work. what’s going on?” and get no reply. later i check my email and i see an email sent out from chris to everyone saying that the big/little event was postponed until tonight at 7:30. 😛 </slight rant>

anyways, i might get to bed soon. or not. i’ll probably just get a midnight snack and putz around on the internet a little bit more and then go to bed.

oh, and the noodles from yesterday: joanna rinsed off one of brandon’s spoons and i ended up just using that – i was going to use two pencils as chopsticks, but in the end i didn’t have to. 😛