“The evidence before the court is incontravertible.

There’s no need for the jury to retire.

In all my years of judging I have never heard before,

Of someone more deserving of the full penalty of the law.

The way you made them suffer,

Your exquisite wife and mother,

Fills me with the urge to deficate! — no, judge, the jury!

Since, my friend, you have revealed your deepest fear,

I sentence you to be exposed before your peers!” – The Wall, Pink Floyd

well, we had our peer review tonight. took almost an hour. basically we said that we knew we were wrong, we tried to fix things, we thought everything was done with, but then we got a letter from the commuity director saying we had to come to this peer review meeting.

see, that night we got two noise violations within 24 hours (one inside the room, one outside the building), and then we were busted on a safety and security charge for having the window stoppers removed and the screen popped out. we had thought things were all taken care of when our ra told us to not be loud anymore and to put things back the way they were, and we had a meeting with him about it and he said that things should have been ok from then on, so when we got the letter about the peer review meeting we didn’t know why we were being summoned when we had tried to fix things.

i went in classy wearing my black pants, black shirt, black shoes, black socks, and yellow tie – school colors, sarcastically classy – but it doesn’t hurt to dress nice once in a while, hehe…

we explained our side of things and they let us off with a reprimand since we knew we were wrong and we tried to keep things on the up-and-up since the incidents, so we’ve got a week to do this quiz online (they’re going to send us letters with the website address in them), and that’s that.

suitemate dave said that now we should celebrate by playing guitar and scootering. XD