#2192 – hawt chix: 2, glenn: -$0.98

so today i was at work, and for the most part i was pretty slow. some people had some exchanges but i took care of those no problem. the salesfloor was pretty busy, but from around 7 pm until when i got out at 8:30 it was dead.

i had been talking with suitemate dave on instant messenger (me on my phone, him on his computer at work) during the day, and i complained about the lack of hawt chix going into my store. what should happen later but this girl call in… she was from ocean city and staying in town, and she had forgotten her phone’s charger. i found one for her and told her i’d set it aside for her. i told dave that i hoped she was a hawt chix, and about 10 minutes later she came in to pick it up. whaddyaknow, i was right.

lemme tell you this: if anyone ever tries to craft a plan to take money from me in my store, all they need to do is send a hawt chix to confuse me when giving my change to her and i’d end up giving the entire store away. XD;;; i was giving alison (that’s the girl’s name) her change for her purchase when she confounded me during the purchase by handing me extra change so she’d get only bills back and no coins. i shuffled bills around trying to figure things out in my head – i had already counted out most of the change i was giving to her when she confounded me – and i felt myself turning bright red. eventually i thought i had everything figured out, but when i counted out at the end of the day i was $0.98 short in my register, and i knew that was the transaction that i messed up on because that was my only cash transaction for the whole day. even one guy paid a difference of $2.09 with his credit card!

later i was hanging out in the store when suzy, my hawt chix hairdresser, came in to see about her phone since it had been acting up. when she saw me she exclaimed “glenn! what are you doing here?? and when are you going to come in to get your hair cut???” XD;;;;; i haven’t had it cut since… um… probably back in july? ^^;; i don’t remember off the top of my head (pun not intended).

so i ended up helping suzy out with getting other stuff for her phone too, and promised her i’d call in to set up an appointment to get my hair cut sometime this week. i told her about how i had been so busy lately with work and school, but i kept stumbling over the details:

“i work 2 days a week and have school the other 5… no, wait, i mean i have school 5 days a week and work the other 2… no, that’s not right either…!”

anyways, so that’s how the rest of my night at work went. i had to pay the $0.98 out of pocket, but oh well. it’s my hawt chix tax. just like how my giving money to scraggly guys in dirty clothes that wander up to me is my “helping-the-members-of-zz-top-get-back-on-the-road” tax.

tonight i watched my lineup on tv, and by lineup i mean “last of the summer wine”, “chef”, “red green”, “red dwarf”, and “dr who”. the epsiode of “dr who” that was on was “the aztecs”, and that meant…


at least that’s what it seems like just listening to the incidental soundtrack… it was all stuff like this:

AZTEC #1: “i bet she is a false goddess!”

AZTEC #2: “no, let me question her more…”


AZTEC #1: “i think i will set a trap for them instead!”


*scene change*

THE DOCTOR: “why did you have to stop the execution??”

BARBARA: “i couldn’t let them sacrafice that man!”


SUSAN: “i don’t want him to be my husband!!”


THE DOCTOR: “well, i had a cup of cocoa and now i’m engaged!”

*scene change*

see? it was all stuff like that!

in any case, now i must get ready for bed. *yawns* with getting holiday pay for thanksgiving and the day after thanksgiving i “worked” a total of 48.5 hours (i only worked 32.5 hours since i had to call out sick one day, but i’m getting paid for two days anyways). starting in a week or two i’m going to be working full 48 hour weeks, and since i almost never get out of the store on time since i close the store it’s going to be practically guaranteed 50+ hours per week!