#2191 – a class act

bruno_boy and i just watched “the sting”, and we’ve got an idea of a really classy adventure.

we’re going to dress up real nice (and by “real nice” we mean REALLY NICE. extra classy. not pimpin’ in purple velvet with leopard-skin – we’re going in STYLE. suits with canes and hats!), and head up to atlantic city for a weekend, probably in the late spring / early summer. we’re going to save up and act all extravagant and be big-shots and call each other “mister dave” and “mister glenn” and dress up in fancy suits and have a blast for the weekend.

who wants in on this operation? we need girls to act all classy with us and hang on to our arms when we win big at the casino tables… *hint hint* ~_^ you’d have to be over 21 to go, though 🙁 but if you’re a girl and still want to hang on to me i might let you do that around here anyways. XD

maybe if we feel really adventurous and save up really well or get enough interest into this we might just change the destination to las vegas, hehehehehehe…