#2178 – one stop

atlanta is the one-stop-hip-hop-shop.

i’m finally getting a chance to listen to “chicken ‘n beer” by ludacris (with some songs mixed at dopper studios!) very cool.

i wish for a job i could just be a professional traveller. i wonder if there’s some sort of profession where i could just go around the world and travel from place to place and explore. i’d LOVE to be someone who works for travel books / magazines / shows. that’d be lots of fun. i STILL haven’t figured out exactly what an “international document agent” does, other than it’s something that some people at fedex get to be – i should write fedex another email asking them what it is since they never responded to my first one i wrote months ago to figure out just what an international document agent is.

i can’t wait for my next overseas trip… ^_^