#2166 – evil dave

so tonight brandon and suitemate dave’s band rocked out in the patapsco coffeehouse, and tomorrow night they’re going to rock at the vault around 9:40 pm – i hope i can get out of work earlyish so i can go see them rock out.

after they played and we brought their stuff back to the dorm brandon and i found dave’s student id laying around, so we had some fun with it…

hee hee hee! XD

time to get ready for bed, tomrrow morning i’m going to annapolis to get my new schedule and get fried chickens from the amish market, then going home to get my rocking-out gear, then off to work. hopefully i can zip out of work fast-like so i can go to their concert, but no hitting the sauce for me that night since i’ll have to drive myself back to the dorm. *sob*

i can use a few drinks too 😛 oh well…