#2165 – soda stealers

well, the other day in my calculus class we were having a quiz. and i’ll admit i was doing pretty bad… i didn’t really know what to do and was stumbling along. it seems the rest of the class was doing bad too since we had to keep asking for extra time to work on it. eventually the professor said:

“ok, well, how about we’ll make this a take-home quiz and then turn it in on thursday?”

so last night i’m looking over my pizza & calculus book and i find a question almost EXACTLY like the one in my math quiz! the values are different, but the general idea is the same.

it’s like in elementary school when you’re going to take a test or quiz and hope someone pulls the fire alarm at the last minute or there’s an earthquake or something and they end up cancelling the quiz. now i just need to put this all together.


i wish i was able to go to linwood’s (one of my coworkers) performance last night at o’brien’s in annapolis, but it started at 9 and that’s when we closed the store. some of my other coworkers went, but i had to do some work. phooey.

at least on november 26 i’m going to go see niki barr in concert at o’brien’s… she’s my friend’s niece, hehe.


it’s windy like crazy today. gusts up to 55 mph, sustained winds of 30-35 mph. <3 <3 <3, wind is great. ----- last night i didn't get anything to eat practically all day, so i went to late-night and got both a sub and a pizza to eat. i was HONGRY. i'm eating the second half of my pizza now, but i don't have anything to drink - some soda-stealer (brandon or gareth i bet! *glare!*) drank my soda that was in there from going to the spot the other day. they're a bunch of asscrobats and bitchass scalawags. *menaces* muhahahahha!!!! >:)


i have an urge to go on an overseas adventure. too bad i don’t really have time to do anything like that in the next several months. *sob* i’d want to go on a round-the-world adventure too. that’s be neat. and i could see how many of my lj friends i could meet up with along the way for extra neato-ness!


lj just added the ability to make posts from phones for paid users today. excellent! this will go good with my new phone, hehehe. also i can put up 5 more icons! shoujonomori is drawing me pics on comission that i’ll probably make one or two into icons… anybody want to try making others for me? ^_^ now all they need to do is make it so i can post pics from my camera phone in my journal instantly and i’ll be set for life. ^_^


my work makes me feel like i’ve got a tiger by the tail – i’m just barely able to hang on and get it done, but i don’t really have time to do extra stuff (like extra credit rewrites), or go to sit in on the japanese class in the mornings, or anything like that. i’m barely able to get the stuff that i do need to do done. i don’t know how i found time to make this post (well, actually, my archaeology class let out early since the projector broke) – i’ve been composing it in my head for the past few days…

back to work now, who knows when i’ll be able to post again (most likely it’ll be me driving to or from work using my headset for my phone or something, and then transcribed either by myself or someone who feels like being nice to help out pals like maboo…).

yeah, back to work, yeah yeah yeah.