#2163 – waldorf

today, after arriving at work, my manager sent me off to work at waldorf. that was great because not only did i only have to work until 4 at the store there until 7 like i was scheduled at my current store, but i saw one of the guys i used to work with as a greeter.

on the way home i rocked out in the car. practically every song my ipod queued up was rocking in some form or another (one exception was the theme to “azumanga daioh”, but that’s a good song anyways and i don’t think the world could handle the non-stop rocking that i’d do if that song wasn’t in there). i only had to skip over a few songs, like one song by leon redbone, or the version of “sweet georgia brown” used by the harlem globetrotters.

whoomp! there it is (wpgc remix) – tag team & 95 south

stop the rock – gettin’ high on your own supply – apollo four fourty

shorty wanna be a thug – 2pac (did you know he’s making movies now?? even in death!)

空耳ケーキ (Tv Size) [Cake of Mishearing] – あずまんが大王Vol.1 (Azumanga Daioh) – Oranges & Lemons

are you gonna be my girl – get born – jet

purple haze – the ultimate experience – jimi hendrix

super mario medley – zärpman

mustapha – jazz – queen

theme from “shaft” – the best of isaac hayes – isaac hayes

free jumps – the wolf – andrew w.k.

judy is a dick slap – legal man – belle & sebastian

short skirt / long jacket – comfort eagle – cake

misty mountain hop – led zeppelin

a little less conversation – elvis: 30 #1 hits – elvis presley

don’t fear the reaper – workshop of the telescopes – blue öyster cult

prologue / twilight – time – electric light orchestra

i need more love – unclassified – robert randolph & the family band

benny hill theme – benny hill

if you haven’t heard it, you should listen to “i keed” by triumph the insult comic dog, hehehehe…

there was more insightful stuff i wanted to say, but i forgot what it was. oh well… ^^;; i’ve got a few other things to finish (boring stuff, like putting forms in envelopes and getting them ready to be mailed, or sending out emails to people) before i go to bed.

no fun.