been busy the past few days…

– converted my phone plan to an employee account and ordered a new phone yesterday… it’s a picturephone! ^_^

– work was ok today. nothing special. i helped this husband and wife upgrade their phone and do a name change. she could tell i was new and i ended up taking forever to process everything, but they said that i was a big help, hehe

– one more week until i’m back in annapolis to work

– last night we watched “indiana jones and the last crusade”… anne liked it, hehe

– i’ve had two alcoholic drinks with my dinners in the past two days… i’m becoming quite the wino

– went to see the new matrix movie tonight after work with zenmetsu and bruno_boy and spelchec and somelady and reaver_of_rolls and a few more. the movie was ok, but i liked the first two much more. this one was too over-the-top with dramatic lines and stuff like that. 😛 after the movie i bumped into my old friend dan kearns from high school and we talked for a few minutes, hehe – that was pretty neat.

– i won a copy of “the whole town’s talking” on ebay… it’s out of print and the people selling it used on wanted $80 for it 😛 i got it for $20 XD

ugh, time for bed, gotta be at work from 11 am – 7 pm tomorrow for work and inventory. 😛