#2161 – the one that got away

i had a scary dream last night that i was being locked away and being brainwashed by some crazy mad scientist. the methods were very dr-who-ish, but still, it was a bit disturbing how this guy could affect me with colored lights. ^_^; and this isn’t the first time i’ve had a dream like this… i even told the guy at one part in my dream “look, i was hypnotized before by some other guy and he didn’t make me pay anything if i didn’t like it!” XD;;;;

i almost had TEH BEST SALE EVAR while at work:

– $59 + $20 family share plan

– text messaging on both phones

– insurance on both phones

– 2 year contracts on both lines

too bad they changed the credit application screen so i misread it thinking that this lady had $0 deposit when in fact she had $1000 deposit. ^_^;;;;;;;;;;;; whoops. at least i got good practice on selling and how to use the system for sales. ^_^;;

i’ve been busy as hell the past few days. i know i’ve said it before but i’ll say it again – i can’t wait for this semester to be over. or maybe at least be back in annapolis for work. it’s not much longer for either… 1 month of school left, 1 week until i’m back at my old store…