#2157 – "they fucked up"

well, today i woke up and started to get ready for the cookout / football game, so i got up and turned on my phone (i turn it off at night when i’m away from my charger, haha) and see 2 new voicemails.

first voicemail:

“hey, glenn, this is mirelle here at the store. you’re supposed to come in today, you’re the 2nd ccr rep scheduled. call the store asap or call me directly at such-and-such number.”

so i call the store and sharon (one of the other customer service reps) answers, and i get transferred to mirelle and then somebody named ed or something who said “hey, glenn, you don’t know me – i’m ed, the new assistant manager. you’re supposed to be in the store right now, where are you?”

i told ed how back in september michelle called me up to see what days other than tuesdays and thursdays i needed off, and i had told her i needed november 1st off for this event i had been planning. when i saw early this week that i was put on the schedule, i told matt (the store manager at the time – we just changed managers in my store today) on monday how i had requested this day off and i was still put on the schedule, and he had said to me “ok, send me an email about it tomorrow… oh, wait, you have class tomorrow – ok, don’t worry about it, i’ll take care of it.” ed said that they’d try to get in touch with matt and they wrote down my home phone number.

later i get a call back from ed on the home phone (this is around 10:50) saying “we can’t get in touch with matt – he’s not answering his phone. since we can’t verify this with him you’ll have to come in the store. what time is the earliest you can come in?”

*dead silence*

after i stood there in shock for a minute i mumbled something about how the earliest i would be able to make it would be 1 pm, so he said to come in by then, and that he’d make a deal with me – if i could come in and then find someone to come in and take my place, he’d let me leave early (like that would do me a lot of good!). in the meantime i started to get the rest of the stuff ready for the cookout, and then one of the fraternity brothers (alumni, actually) who works at the navy football games arrived to say hi. i explained things to him and he was pretty sympathetic and helped me get stuff ready.

i dressed up for work and then don and his dad arrived, and then shortly after that patrick arrived too. we worked on getting things ready and pretty much stood around and talked. i kept trying to call matt during this time but all i’d get was his voicemail after several rings.

eventually around 12:10 i finally get a hold of matt and tell him how i got this call saying that i was supposed to come into work even though he had said that i could take the day off, and he said:

“oh, well, i talked about your schedule with michelle and she said that she didn’t approve your request for you to take off that day. i told you that you could take the day off because i thought it was a misscheduling.” this was the first time that i had heard anything about my request not being approved. yet another minute of dead silence, and then i said to him “well, this is the first that i’ve heard of it, and i’ve got no idea what’s going on, and the store wants me to come in at 1 because they can’t get a hold of you. could you call in the store and tell them what happened?”

so matt says “ok, i’ll go talk to them, stay by the phone.”

i don’t get any calls back from matt. 12:45 rolls by and i contemplate heading out to the store, but if i were to leave then i’d never get back into annapolis with all the traffic heading into town. at 12:50 i call mirelle again to see if matt called the store and she says “well, i don’t know if he has – ed is with a customer right now, and i’m not the manager on duty. i guess though if you’re not coming in then you’re not coming in… i don’t know what sort of action the manager will take with you, but since we’re only open until 5, if you’re not coming in, then you’re not coming in.”

so then we went to the football game, and dad and anne went with us too, and stu was even at the game and hung out with us after halftime. navy actually won! after the game we went back to the house and fired the grill back up and finished eating the food.

once everyone left and i cleaned up i headed over to the store to see if lawrence (my new manager in annapolis) was there so i could explain things to him and also see about picking up a form to get my phone transferred into an employee account into my name, but the store had just closed.

i then went over to best buy and they actually let me exchange the indiana jones dvds for the widescreen version! they returned them at the cheapest price that they were sold for in the last 30 days, but they let me do it since the price tag with the store number that they came from was still on there. i also bought the movie “the sting” and mom and dad and i watched it tonight.

after best buy i headed over to the mall and talked with corey at the kiosk there for an hour or so and told him all about it, and he thinks i should be ok because i wasn’t told “no” until today and my boss had said that i could have the day off. he also told me that he was called early this morning by jason (one of my old store managers when i was a temp) trying to get my home phone number – apparently jason was asked if he knew it because it was known that he knows me, so i explained it all to him by text-messages and he said about it “they fucked up… oh well!”

jason also said to basically handle all of my store conversations over email and keep the messages as a trail, but i couldn’t do that with this because 1) i hadn’t even gone through training yet when she called me, 2) she had called me on the telephone, and 3) i didn’t even have logins to the system yet.

while i was hanging out with corey this really cute girl came by to ask about some phones, and she saw me standing there looking cool and asked me what school i went to. all i could do was say “umbc” and stand there and grin at her sheepishly and not say anything else to her as she looked at the rest of the phones. ^_^;;;;;;;;;;;;;; that was one of the best times today (haha, what a plateau! XD;;), but i wish i had at least asked her what school she went to! ^^;;;;;; oh well… she was really cute though. but then i had to stand there like an idiot and not say anything and it wasn’t as good.

it’s kind of… … …a bummer.

corey suggested that i call lawrence on my way into work tomorrow morning and explain the situation and see if he’s got any advice, but i think that i’ll be ok. at least i hope i’ll be. i’ll call lawrence anyway.

the other voicemail? oh, that was susan. she wasn’t able to go to the football game because she’s going to visit “randy naked womens’ college”… i mean “randolph macon womens college”.

anyway, time for bed, got to be in the store at 11 am.