#2156 – no candy

today i had training at headquarters on how to pass the store audit – the amount of stuff that has to be just so is tremendous. @_@ yesterday when one of my managers called to remind me about it, i asked her when it started. she said “9:30… 10:00… i don’t know…”. since my training classes started at 9 am i thought maybe that was when it would start.

this morning i woke up at 8:30, fell back asleep, and then woke back up at 9. hurried and got dressed and drove to headquarters. got there at 9:25… and found out training didn’t start until 10 am. ^_^;;; i got to see some of my old coworkers from the annapolis store there, though – one of them is the guy who i’m replacing (he’s moving from annapolis down to virginia beach).

anyways, so i had the training class on the audit, drove back up to umbc to pick up some things i forgot, and then drove down to lanham to work for 4 hours. didn’t really do much – we weren’t that busy – but i guess it was good. i wish they let me go early or not even have to go in to the store tonight… i was hoping to go with stueypark to babysit a civil war prison and lighthouse for halloween. XD

that’s not to say we didn’t have our share of spooky things happen at the store. oh no. one of the greeters was out back with one or two of the other employees and they were smoking their cigarettes when from somewhere behind the store (not directly behind. they couldn’t see it, but still a bit close for comfort) they heard:


*tires screech, car drives away*

so from the sound of things there was a drive-by somewhere just behind my store. great. i can’t wait to be back in annapolis… 2 more weeks… only 2 more weeks… ;-;

heck, lanham is so seedy that i had a bag of potato chips left over from lunch at headquarters, and i hid that under my seat in the car so the resident hobos (isn’t that an oxymoron?) wouldn’t try to steal it. and we do have resident hobos! well, at least one… i’ve seen the same guy wearing the same outfit and carrying the same plastic bag of who-knows-what around on 4 seperate days when i would go out to get my lunch, and each time he would ask me for change. i give him my spare change because i’m nice like that.

so i spent my night at work. then i went to umbc to get my laundry and some other stuff to bring home, went to the grocery store to get the rest of the food for the cookout tomorrow, and then came home and sat around. i’m going to go to sleep in a minute – i’ll have to get up early to prepare things for the cookout… people are supposed to be arriving between 11 and noon. at least i’ll get a solid 7 or 8 hours in (and not 4 or 5 hours like the past few nights). i’m a little nervous about it but i think it’ll go pretty well…

oh! i forgot to talk about my math exam. we were scheduled to have it on the 23rd, but the professor moved it back to the 28th. i studied like crazy the day or two before, and when i got to class on the 28th my professor saw me and asked if i was ok – i replied “i think so…”. my classmates that i sit with in the class looked at me funny when i started looking over my notes before class started and asked if there was going to be a quiz. when i told them that i thought the exam was that day they said no, the professor pushed it back again to the 30th.

so i study like crazy some more and take the exam on the 30th, and i felt much much more prepared. there was only one problem i had no idea how to do at all, another one that i had an idea of how to do the problem but no idea how to implement it (what are the rules for taking the limits of absolute values??), so i ended up graphing the problem and getting my answer for it that way – maybe i’ll get partial credit at least even if it says “must solve using calculus!”, hehe. overall i think i may have done decently… at least i had a pretty good idea of what i was doing for most of the exam, haha.

i also had my rock ‘n roll class exam that same day, but that wasn’t anything special… one of my friends who is borrowing my roommate’s old notes to study from forgot to tell me when he was done using them before he went to bed so i wasn’t able to study from them… i had to leave a few blank, but i think i got lots of the bonus questions i answered, so it’ll probably balance out, hehehe…

it’s kind of depressing hearing all these people you know and don’t know talking about dressing up and going to halloween parties and getting candy and having fun. i had to work! no fun. ;_; ^^;;; even the girl who helped me out at the self-serve register at the grocery store was dressed up in a wench-y sort of dress. XD

my halloween party is tomorrow night, though. i don’t really have a costume figured out though. oh well. it’s time for bed anyways.

(one last thing – it’s weird, i know i didn’t do it, but somehow likeadream was unfriended from my friends list, so i re-added her. either there’s spooks afoot or i’m going to blame solar flares!)