#2148 – psyched

i am SO psyched about my job right now. ^____^


i’m being transferred back to the annapolis store! hello short commute (especially during winter break)! hello familiar staff! hello familiar customers! hello better schedule! hello not-being-in-the-ghetto! and, of course…


when i was at work today i was doing my tasks, but i wasn’t really feeling it, you know? i liked my coworkers at lanham, but i felt kind of awkward there – it’s not in a really great location, and i heard before that somone shot out the windows one night. the people that come in are easygoing, but i didn’t like it anywhere near as much as annapolis.

so i’m doing my work today, feeling awkward, when the customer care rep next to me (mike) was talking with one of our greeters. they were checking the internal job posting site online – i pulled it up on my computer and saw a position open at annapolis listed under the “sales” category, but the actual job title was for a customer support rep, and the job description was exactly what i’m doing right now.

i emailed one of my contacts back at my store (kiosk, actually) and asked him if someone was leaving to a different location. he didn’t know, but he said to send an email to the store manager and the district manager as soon as possible to tell them that i was interested in the job. just as he was telling me this mike was calling the annapolis store to find out from the manager about the job for the temp he was talking to, but the manager was on another line at the time. i told mike that i was finding out about the job right then and that they had better not be trying to steal my job, and the greeter said that he’d actually prefer to work there at the lanham store, hehe.

so i sent an email to lawrence (annapolis manager) and steve (district manager) and basically said “i saw on the job posting site online today that there’s a new position opening at the annapolis store – what’s the scoop on that? i’m thinking of applying since it’ll be a much closer commute and be a lot easier for me to work at.”

a little while later lawrence replied: “i’m working on getting you back over here – i’ll know more information tomorrow”.

a while after that i got an email from steve saying: “funny you should ask – that position just opened up today, and we were going to see if you wanted to come back. glad things worked out – you start back in annapolis on 11/16. talk to larry about your schedule.”

i practically jumped up in the store and said “YES!!”, hahaha.

turns out what’s happening is one of the reps from annapolis is switching with one of our reps from marley station (i’ve worked with them both before), and another rep from annapolis is moving to virginia beach (i don’t think i’ve worked with her before – at least her name didn’t ring any bells).

so now i’ve only got 2-3 weeks left in lanham and then i’m back in naptown! ^______^

the person i feel sorry for is katie, one of the girls i went through training with – she wants to get to the annapolis store too… she lives in annapolis, like me, except she works in rockville. o_o now that is a commute. ^^;;