#2144 – high rollers

so tonight i was feeling bored so i went out with bruno_boy to go crusin’ around and look for hawt chix. as i stepped out of the dorm to wait for him i got a text message from feisty_fitz saying she was at umbc for a comedy show and wanted to see my room – i told her to message me when the comedy show was over and i’d show it to her.

dave and i started our expedition to find hawt chix, and i ended up getting lucky…

first we went to the commons to the grill so i could get some food, and while we were there zenmetsu called to find out where we were since he was bored too. just as he arrived to meet us there, dave arrived with kelly (he went to get her from the game room as i finished my food). after talking for a bit kelly went back to her friends and dave and dan and i went to walk around.

on our way out we passed by this table with some poker chips on it and i wondered what it was for – dave explained as we left the building that they were doing a casino night, so we turned back around and went on in to play.

it was $5 to play, or $3 if you went to the comedy show, or free if you just wanted to try your luck. i said that i was feeling lucky tonight, so i paid my $5 for my chips, dave got chips for free, and dan just watched.

first thing we went to was the roulette wheel, but dave and i didn’t do too well on that. after a few rounds we wandered over to a blackjack table in the corner that didn’t have any players at and stayed there for the rest of the night – the dealer was pretty cool, and the few people that came over and played with us there were fun to play with. i did pretty well there – i almost went broke, but i built it back up to over $40,000. as we were there they passed out these slips of paper that you could redeem for $25,000 worth of chips (the same amount you started with) in case you went low on funds. when the event started to close up i cashed that in for chips, and added that to my stack.

pretty soon this guy came around and gave out raffle tickets based on how many chips you had, so he gave me some tickets and dave some tickets, but when dave said he was just playing for fun since he didn’t pay at the beginning he was told he could give his tickets to me, so i had a total of 15 tickets.

there were 6 or 7 prizes – 10 $20 gift cards to best buy, the indiana jones dvd box set, an ipod, another portable mp3 player thing (not sure what it was, i couldn’t really tell when i glanced over), a portable dvd player, a tv set, and a regular dvd player. each had a paper bag in front of them, and you could choose what and how many tickets to put in for each drawing. i put most in for the gift card and the indiana jones box set, a few for the portable dvd player, and 1 for the ipod (if we won that i’d give it to dave since i already had one, and he was my “advisor” for some of my bets and i was getting his tickets).

they did the drawing, and i won a gift card AND the indiana jones box set ^_____^ yay! good thing i didn’t buy the box set the other day – i looked around and priced it and everywhere i saw it it seemed too expensive for me, hehehe…

afterwards we found kelly and her friends and took them to my room since she wanted to see my dorm – i had accidentally left my keys in the room, so i had to knock and wake brandon up to let me in – whoops ^_^;;; i guess kelly wanted to see more of the room but a) brandon was sleeping, and b) i have to get to bed for work in the morning, otherwise i would have shown it off more.

now, i must get to bed – i’ve got to be at my store at 11 am.