#2131 – baseball

i can’t believe i’m saying this, and i’ll get hated for it and shoujonomori will say something like “ha! told you so!” or something like that, but…



there, i said it. ^^;; on one hand they’re the yankees (ew yuk), but on the other hand they’ve got hideki matsui (whatta guy!) and they’re american league so i gotta support the american leage you know. and besides i think it’d be cool for hideki to win the series in his rookie year in the US major leagues.

but still… yuk… did it really have to be the yankees?????? *dies* i’m still mad at them about the jeffrey maier incident. (yeah, sure, he doesn’t play for the yankees, but it doesn’t matter – he was there to root for the yankees, and he helped them win, so he might as well have been on the field in gear :P)

at least to close this post on a good note and make me feel not so sad about my choice in teams and prove that i’m all “go orioles” and stuff, note:

this post is number 2131 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀