#2126 – coffee

things that happened today:

– i had training today (customer first selling skills)

– i got my first paycheck and i’m rich beyond my WILDEST DREAMS!!!111!11!11oneoneone (i wish – it’s all going to end up going to umbc in the end ;-;). they didn’t take out as much for tax as i expected.

– got my coffeepot and my loungeapalooza cd in the mail today ^____^

– finally got the right calculus book

– started my comp sci program 5 hours before it was due, and had it all working (except for one thing i couldn’t figure out at all and another part i had to leave out because it wouldn’t work if i kept it in, but everything else works great) and submitted 4 minutes before it was due XD

now i must get to bed, since i have to be back at headquarters tomorrow morning at 8:30 am to get my picture taken for my badge (it’s the only day that they can take these pictures), so i’ve got to get up around 6:40-7:00. ^^;; but i’ll have my coffee to wake me up! XD

i’ll also have to talk to financial aid about paying my bill for school tomorrow too.