#2125 – five cent tour

i remembered how i kept saying i’d take pics of the room, so here it is…

brandon’s and my room… my stuff is on the left, his is on the right, except the computers are in the opposite sides (my corner is all the way in the middle of the picture where my zebra chair is).

the common room – what you see when you first come in the room (after the wall of cans, that is). that’s my nifty chair on the right hand side, and the boxes on the right at the bottom are sitting on the refrigerator (we moved punkass the hamster and the microwave offsite for the room inspections, so normally the microwave is where those boxes are).

dave’s corner… his room isn’t as fancy-schmancy as mine, hee hee

my mr t and gareth’s ash from “evil dead” bobbleheads on brandon’s tv set

the wall of cans so far – we’re trying to fill this entire section next to the doorway with soda cans up to 7 cans high, hehe. i ran my scooter into them one day to knock them down (pic 1 and pic 2) because 1) i was bored, and 2) so we could take off the pull-tabs so brandon’s friend from towson could get lots of them for a contest and then we would be able to go to a pizza party in her dorm

we’ve also got our secret entrance into the room (avi, 3.72 mb)! that’s brandon and his friend (i forget her name… she’s the one with the pizza party) climbing in the room. when we move the music stuff into the cars for practice out the window it so looks like we’re stealing stuff, hehe…

that’s about it – nothing much else to see, hehe…