#2122 – moz

if you don’t watch it, check out – there’s been a few updates to it over the past week, hee hee XDD

i’m pleased with today so far (except for some of my classes just dragging on and on and on…) – i got 10 hours of sleep last night, got a 79% on my archaeology exam (it was two essays, a 78% on one and an 80% on another, and my professor said we did rather well on it), got an 83% on my rock and roll exam, my computer programming lab wasn’t too bad today (even though i hate those sgi machines 😛 mac os x has spoiled me XD;;), and i’ve got a math quiz in an hour (but i’ve been reading through and doing problems in my pizza and calculus book all day when i had free time and i’m really getting the hang of things now. ^___^

this is great so far ^_^ now to review for an hour before my quiz!