#2121 – pizza and calculus and pizza

training was weird today… three people including myself saw “the italian job” over the weekend, hehe. one of the girls in training with me who watched it looks like she could be kittenchan‘s sister, haha.

after training i went off to the dentist, and no cavities! yay! time to eat some candy to celebrate! XDDD they jabbed my gums enough with their sharp metal pointy thingy, though. made me bleed, it did. 😛 at least they thought that i floss. XDD;;

i came back to school, had my business meeting for the fraternity, and after that i did some work out of my “pizza and calculus” book and it’s really helping me so far. ^_^ but it made me hungry, so then i went to late night with suitemate dave and his friend john.

i’d be doing more work on it now but brandon and abby are hanging out in the common room having a serious discussion or something, so i’d rather not disturb them ‘cos i’m nice like that.

… why does it seem that everyone has been breaking up lately? i know at least 4 or 5 couples who have broken up in the past week or two. at least nobody’s broken up with me, but maybe that’s because THERE’S NOBODY TO BREAK UP WITH ME. har har har. 😛

*sob sob*