#2120 – matador

“Matador signs digital distribution agreement with iTunes Music Store”

joy! i just looked and they’ve finally got pizzicato five songs on there (even though i already own the albums they’ve got on there, but at least it’s a start!), and they also have belle & sebastian on there now too! ^____^ hooray!

today i sat around while the saturn got new tires, went searching for my coffeepot at a bunch of places, and when i couldn’t find it i came back home and ordered it online. 😛 took a nap, watched red green / red dwarf / dr who, and now i am going to bed so i can wake up in the morning, finish my laundry, take “the italian job” back to blockbuster, and go back to umbc so i can go get all-you-can-eat spaghetti with suitemate dave, brandon, and joanna. yay!