#2115 – surreal

tonight was rather surreal – i went to a party that was being thrown at marc and leahkitty and gabe and _dream_believer‘s place. i got there about a half hour before the movie they were watching (“bulletproof monk”) ended, and then we started to play card games. after watching a game or two of spades, we were going to play a game of circle of death, but we ended up just taking a shot or two of various things. one guy there was from russia and he complained how our vodka was so inferior because it came in a plastic jug. XD;; he said that for it to be real russian vodka it would have to be in a glass bottle so you could attack people with it. XDD i had a beer when i arrived and a shot or two of this vanilla rum and it wasn’t too bad. burned more than i expected on the way down, but it was pretty mellow. they wanted to get me drunk but when i was asked if i could give a ride to a few people i said ok and left my drinking for the night at that.

we got hungry around then and tried to order a pizza, but that didn’t work because it was 2 am. so, instead, we all went out to super fresh and got pizzas there. it was a full-blown expedition with us – 11 or 12 people in various states of sobriety – running around the store. XD;; one girl named rachel decided that i would be her standing partner since i was one of the most sober people there at the time and she was having occasional difficulty going straight XD;

we got back, had our pizza, watched “kung pow: enter the fist”, and rachel and i ended up cuddling on the couch watching the movie. afterwards (since i didn’t have much to drink and they didn’t have transportation) i gave her, this guy she knows, and this other friend of gabe’s rides back to their places in college park / hyattsville. she sat in the front passenger seat on the way and stroked my arm as i drove there and gave me a hug when i dropped her off. *^_^*

i noticed her occasionally whispering to gabe during the night, so i sent a message to gabe when i got back to the dorm saying “what’s the scoop on this rachel girl? huh? huh? hehe”. XD

all in all, it was a very interesting night… *_*

(and normally if it was a weekday and i was scheduled to work, i’d be waking up in a half-hour from now – i’ll get a chance to update with what i’ve been up to the past week after i wake up and get pancakes for breakfast <3 <3 <3)