#2111 – late

well, my programming project is going to be a day late. it was going along SO WELL too, and then it crapped out on me with a bug i can’t figure out. -_-;;

i think it’s funny how when i went to calculus class i put up an away message that said “I HATE CALCULUS”, and when i got there i got a quiz back… with a score of 9/10. XD; i don’t know how well i’ll do on the exam on thursday, though…

i’m feeling so swamped this week. i hate that everything seems to happen or be due at once:

– starting a new job

– had my rock ‘n roll exam today (i think i did pretty well)

– had my programming assignment due today, got to turn it in either tomorrow or thursday for less points ^^;;

– archaeology exam due thursday (it’s take-home and open-book, and we can ask people on the email list for help she says, though)

– calculus exam on thursday

– calculus homework due thursday

so tomorrow i’ve got at least 4 things to work on… AFTER i get off of work. i need to go to bed since i’m supposed to be there around 8 am for training… o_o;;

the bad thing about my calculus homework is my book – remember the problems i had? well, even though the professor said that we can use the previous edition (which is what i’m doing), i noticed in class the other day that when we were doing problems from the book some of the problems were numbered differently in my book than in the new edition, and today i noticed that some questions weren’t even in there. o_o;;; this is bad news for me trying to do homework problems o_o;;;; lucky for me i talked with a friend of suitemate dave and he’s going to give me his book he says, since he took calculus last spring and now he’s not doing anything with it. ^_^

the funny thing is my motivation to pass my classes with a C or better isn’t necessarily to continue on the IFSM program, but so that i can buy myself a new computer and stuff with the check i’ll get as tuition reimbursement, haha. it’d be a nice reward considering everything that i’ve had to put up with on this computer. i’m going to max my next one out like crazy, haha XD

i don’t think i’ll be able to go to visit betsy in england because of the scheduling and stuff for the job. ;-; i should see if susan can pick me up some pimms when she goes to visit if i’m unable to find any here. XD