#2110 – the scooter gang's first run-in with campus police

WE ARE SO BADASS. here’s why:

brandon has to remake the front page of the retriever for a school project, so we told him that he should use some pics of campus buildings (either the commons or the library) for the masthead. since he couldn’t find any good ones we (suitemate dave and myself) decided to head to the center of campus with him to take some pics… and we brought the scooters. XDDD

we rode to the library and he took his pics of that, then we rode to the commons. we got up to it and brandon took some pics, and we were scootering around the entrance facing the physics building when a security guard stepped out of the shadows. we looked at him and went back to talking about good places to get pics from for the project when we noticed a campus police car driving up the sidewalk toward where we were.

we heard the security guard’s walkie-talkie crackle as he came toward us: “*krrxt* … 3 kids on scooters … *kxrct*”

“what are you boys up to tonight??”

y’know… just scootering ’round…

“you three students here?”


“… got campus id on you?”

yeah… *pulls out of pockets and wallets*

“what year are you?”

sophomore… senior… sophomore…

“*in walkie-talkie* …yeah, they’re campus students… 10-2… ok, well, you three go on your way now. we’ve had some problems with people on skateboards scratching up walls and handrails and stuff like that so we didn’t want you to be doing stuff like that.”

yeah, we can’t really do stunts on our scooters… we’d die or something.

*as the police car backs off and heads back down center road* “ok, well, you three have a good night”

you too…

when dave first saw the cop coming up he joked “LET’S RUN FOR IT!” – i can just imagine what might have happaned if us three went scootering away from the security guard and the cops, lol… XD he updated his profile with:

2am – on the radio of the security guard who talked to us “yeah there was three kids with scooters”

the scooter gangs first run in with campus police.


now if he only had an lj you could roffle your way through his version of the story. XD oh, and we’ve decided to call it “the scooter gang” because we are THE scooter gang. if there’s any others, they get to be “the rival scooter gang” XD