#2107 – flying

here’s the pics of the adventure today ^_^ dad and i got to the capitol air flight center at tipton airport just after 9:30. they said that they still had to get the plane ready, but that was fine with us because we got there early just so we wouldn’t hold up the show. chris, the instructor, came on over and introduced himself – i had met him before when we had tried to fly but the weather was kind of crappy. he showed me the basics of the plane and pretty much handed control over to me. i was surprised at how much of the trip they had me do myself… everything but the actual takeoff and landing was done by me. chris just showed me the indicators and told me to keep the altitude above 1200 feet and would direct me where to go (“see that bridge over there? head for the west side of it”), and i’d maneuver the plane to wherever he’d say to go.

we even flew right over our house, haha. dad tried to take a picture, but since i flew directly over it he wasn’t able to, haha. that’s still pretty neat though!

it actually was pretty easy. the hardest part was keeping the plane centered on the taxi lines before takeoff and after landing, but chris said that that’s really something that you have to practice to perfect. he did say that i did very well. and it was so much fun! i was flying up there for 9/10 of an hour, so i can apply that to my actual flight time when i do start to train. ^_^

i’m definitely going to continue to learn to fly. ^_^

now to get ready for bed so i can go to my new hire briefing tomorrow morning.