#2103 – new traditionalistes

yeah, so tonight was the first social that i had planned, and i think it went rather well. people had lots of fun. it was a lto of fun (even thoguh i got there about an hour and a half after it started, but it still was a lot of fun.) XD

chris and john said “tradition is to get the epsilon (social chairman – me) wasted at their first social of the year” so i said ok… then after they got me wasted they said “haha! this is a cool tradition! we should do it again next year for the second time!!”. so we’re starting a nrew tradion it seems. yeah.

i know i’v e gt all these mislpellings in htere, but yeah, i’m wasted now. yeah…

i should call feisty_fitz since she told me to. who knows if she’s still awake, bt she said to call her.

and then i think it’s naptime for me! good thing i don’t work tomorrow! hooray!!