#2102 – last day

well, today was my last day in the bookstore, not tomorrow. i thought i’d have to work tomorrow but when i saw i wasn’t on the schedule for tomorrow and they started saying “we’re going to miss you glenn… take care… now get out of here!!” i took off running. XD this is excellent because i have no plans for what i’m going to be doing tomorrow other than going home tomorrow night, so this means that i can get WASTED at the party tonight! ha! ha!

there’s an update on that i really like. ^__^

this morning joanne called the room to have someone let her in, so i started to go down the hall to open the door just as someone outside let her in. she said “sorry!” to me and gave me a dollar as i went back to bed, hahaha. XD

i’ve got to go to the verizon wireless store and pay my bill and go by giant and get some snacks. hm…