#2100 – tonight… WE RIDE

suitemate dave and his pal and i rode our scooters to the commons tonight. everyone (about 30 people or so) stopped and stared at us on our way over there, and again on the way back, hehehehe.

my calculus class today was ok. i think i did ok on the quiz, not sure though. but the homework wasn’t that great. if it wasn’t that we had to turn in assignments each thursday i probably wouldn’t end up doing them, but i hate having to turn them in – what is this, middle school?? 😛

sometimes i wonder how well i might do something that i’ve never done before, like playing the guitar. i’ve never tried before. i know i talked about this about a week ago or so, but i mentioned it to suitemate dave tonight and he said “well, you won’t know unless you try”, so who knows what i might do. *ponders*

he might get an lj too – he added my journal to his bookmarks. awesome. XD

i got paid today. hooray! but it’s all just about going right back out again – i’ve got to pay my loan bill for the month and i’ve got to pay my phone bill so i can make outgoing calls again. ^_^;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; got to get anne some ink for her printer from the commons tomorrow too, and i’ve also got to get the snax for the party tomorrow night. so, shoujonomori, looks like you might have to wait a little bit for the doujins ;-;