#2096 – scooter gang

yeah, so we’re making a scooter gang. XD got 4 scooter-gang members so far. XDD we’re going to go sometime to the commons garage and take the elevator to the top and scooter down the ramps and repeat. XDDD

we’ve even got our own scooter-gang signs and slang: “scooter at the g, yo!” XDDDD

suitemate dave said he made a gang in high school as a joke. it was called “the gang”. one kid didn’t like it, so he made a gang of his own called “the rival gang”. XDDDDD

this is awesome. XDDDDD

back to work for me – got to do a rough draft on this limestone plaque from ur for my archaeology class and my calculus homeworks. XD;;;;; no sleep for me tonight!