#2090 – oboes, hobos, and "oh noes"

so this weekend i went up to delaware to visit anaidiana and xyloart and watch anime and see marching bands.

scratch that, reverse it, let me begin at the beginning…


so thursday night during the hurricane and after the power went out from midnight to 2 am on friday morning we kept checking umbc’s webpage and calling the status line to see if school was closed – for the longest time it said “UMBC WILL BE OPEN AS USUAL” (emphasis mine). we figured that they just had to put the “AS USUAL” bit in there to make people mad and rub it in.

so friday morning my alarm wakes me up for me to go to work, but i just rolled out of bed, turned it off, and went back into my bed. joanna (who had been staying here wednesday and thursday nights looked over at me from brandon’s bed and our conversation went like this:

joanna: “you know umbc is closed today…”

me: “yeah, i know”

joanna: “how do you know????”

me: “… i don’t know.”

i had dreamt that umbc had updated their site to say “THERE HAVE BEEN SOME EGREGIOUS RUMORS CIRCULATING THAT UMBC WILL BE OPEN TODAY. THIS IS NOT THE CASE.“, but i ended up checking anyway and saw that the school really was closed. (suitemate dave thinks that we would have been open if the governor didn’t tell the school to close – every other thing in maryland was closed, the federal government was closed, but umbc was going to be open AS USUAL 😛 when we checked the voicemail there was a message from somebody with food services saying “well, since the governor has asked the school to close today…”, so that’s what we think happened.)

so after sleeping another few hours i went into the common room where they were watching the news on tv and it showed downtown annapolis all flooded, so i changed and drove home (our home was fine except for a little bit of flooding in the workshop in the basement) and walked around downtown and took some pics – i put them up on the community when i got back and was praised for my skills. ^_^ i bumped into my uncle paul and my cousin michael downtown and we walked around together and investigated stuff, and they gave me a ride back home.

after that i came back to campus, grabbed my stuff, called anaidiana to tell her i was on my way and went up to delaware to hang out with her and xyloart. ^_^ we three ordered calzones, played worms blast on the computer, watched excel saga, elf princess raine, macross plus, and we had a slumber party. ^_^

saturday we woke up and had breakfast across the street at xyloart‘s place, and while we were there we played ddr and an inu-yasha fighting game before getting ready to see the marching bands practice. there were about 7 marching bands there (11 of them cancelled because of the hurricane ^^;;), so while they practiced i mostly sat at the top of the bleachers and watched and updated my journal from my phone and told people that asked me what i played how i used to play the oboe, hehe. i also messaged my fraternity brothers who were supposed to come up that day to pick up some shirts from some store in delaware and maybe visit our brothers at university of delaware, but turned out the guy who masterminded the plan had overslept and cancelled the trip up.

after the practice we watched the marching bands enter the stadium and i saw the football game (i told stueypark how it was nice to root for a winning football team for a change and he told me that navy actually won their game that day!! amazing!). anaidiana asked around and found a few lambda chi brothers in the band so i met them and they said to drop by the frat house after the game, so i decided to spend the night there. i saw both of the post-game shows and they were very very good and now i must buy myself the cd “boston” by boston (even though i’ve got one of the songs off of it from the itunes music store already).


after the game and picking up my stuff we went to the frathouse and i met the two guys and “zax” the chapter’s dog that happened to be there at the time – one of them hooked me up with a drink and a tv to watch shows on while he finished some work, and soon two other brothers came by – one of them was an alum from that chapter and the other was one of the guys i met at the game. he said that most of the chapter was probably out partying and that’s why they weren’t there at the time, and after hanging out with a few of the guys for a few hours we set me up on a couch’s pull-out bed in the living room of the house, and i tried to fall asleep since was starting to get a headache.

after i had been asleep for not too long the brothers who had been out partying had come back, and since the couch was right next to the front door and the lights were on i wasn’t something they could miss and the general reaction when they arrived was “WHO THE HELL IS THIS AND WHY ARE THEY SLEEPING IN OUR LIVING ROOM?!” i kept my eyes closed as i tried to fall back asleep while some of the other guys that i had met earlier explained that i was from the umbc chapter and was staying the night and told the guys not to cause any problems with me, hehe. there were about 1 or 2 more waves of people coming in so that sequence repeat itself a bit, and one of the times one of the guys thought i was a hobo and started shouting from upstairs “HEY YOU HOBO! WAKE UP!”, hehe ^_^;

i ended up waking up around 11:30 am on sunday and the house seemed deserted (some of the guys had to go to pennsylvania to a marching band festival thing, and everyone else was probably sleeping off the night before), so i just changed back into my streetclothes and left quietly. ^_^;

today i went to work (which went by very fast), went to my fraternity business meeting and in open discussion said “yeah, i’d like to report the road trip to delaware was a success. i met with a few of the brothers up there, stayed the night at the delaware house and was mistaken for a hobo!” and everyone laughed, hehe. ^_^

“oh noes:”

after the meeting zenmetsu and bruno_boy and pete and i went out to borders and looked around (first i had to knee pete in the knick-knacks by accident though!). i saw the new azumanga daioh manga they just released and i must get it sometime. dan and i agreed that manga is fun to buy, and we like it because it’s cheaper than anime! i also said that then it makes me feel i’m doing something productive because i’m reading a book, haha.

there was one thing they had at borders on the clearance cart that sounded like something they make fun of in “red dwarf” like in-flight magazines on air belgium – it was a 3 hour long audio tape on “KOSOVO, SERBIA, BOSNIA: ALL YOU WANT TO KNOW – THE HISTORY BEHIND THE CONFLICT IN CENTRAL EUROPE”. i wonder why it was on the clearance bin?? normally priced at $18, it was marked down to $5.

then we went to eat, but wendys and mcdonalds were closed (the drive thrus were open, though), so we ended up going back to campus and eating in the commons. on the way (in the same tradition as things like “teh” and “clevar” and “roffles”) whenever someone said something i didn’t like i’d say “oh noes!”, hehe.

after all that, dave took pics for me – shoujonomori is going to draw me pics on comission in exchange for buying her doujinshi! XD;;; so he took lots of pics of me with his camera in a bunch of different poses. yay! one pic for each doujinshi! she’s going to do a pic of me, a pic of death-chan, and two more pics of my choosing – i just need to think of what i want ^_^

also also, if i wanted to i could be a calendar model! hahahaha XD chances are i’d either be too lazy or something to fill out the form and then i’d never be a teen model!!! 🙁 (nevermind the fact i’m 21! XD)

also also also, next time i go home maybe i’ll steal feisty_fitz‘s scooter!! XDDDD you won’t mind, will you kelly? we’re making a scooter gang, my roommates and i. XD already got two scooters already, and we’re going to go around campus at night scootering around! XDDD