#2080 – konya wa hurricane

well, the hurricane is starting to hit – i’ve been trying to watch stuff going on downtown annapolis via webcams but it doesn’t seem to be working all the time. maybe the power went out? haha

our dorm is starting to turn into a party atmosphere – brandon just got back from getting eats and stuff (stuff most likely being booze i bet, haha). gareth is staying at his girlfriend’s place in the dorm, joanna is staying with brandon here tonight (she stayed last night too), and two of dave’s friends are coming up because they live back in the woods and when the power goes out they’re effectively stuck and can’t get anything to drink because they get their water from a well.

i poked around my dvds and we’ve decided that dave and i are going to watch “spies like us” later (he loves the movie, he says), and later tonight when everyone’s here we’re going to watch “key largo”!!

i’ve got these ragu express pasta snack things, but as i started cooking one i remembered i didn’t have a fork or anything, so i had to eat it with chopsticks. oh well. ^_^;