#2078 – the fast life and hard times of

i was thinking over the past 2 or 3 days how i ought to make myself a celebrity of sorts. then i could have my journal published into a book and title it something like


then again, that title might not be good because then gangsters would come after me for infringing on their book title. it still would be neat… being a celebrity, that is. i’d be all over star-status like a fat kid on a smartie. besides, just figuring “hey, i think i’m going to be a celebrity”, well, it’s an idea so crazy it just might work!

i really ought to figure out how best to achieve this. hm. maybe i’ll make a list of things to do in life, like what pete did freshman year when he made a list of things like:

1. own my own burger king

2. rob a bank

3. …and get away with it

just think… when they feature me on “behind the music” or make a show for me like “denis leary roast” or even have a special about me on “america’s most wanted” – you all could say “i was there when glenn got his start”. if you want autographs you had better ask for them now so you can beat the rush! i’ll be sure to invite you to my parties too (or not – you can make your own parties if i don’t invite you because two parties are better than one!).

in similar, slightly related, yet completely seperate news – sometimes do you wonder how well you might be at something that you’ve never tried before? i thought of this tonight since two of my roommates are in a band together (brandon has his own band and david just joined it since one of brandon’s guitar players recently left) so they’ve moved in amps and occasionally practice some. as i watched i thought about how i’ve never tried to play a guitar. would i rock out? who knows!

all this talk of playing instruments that we’ve been doing here in the dorm has got me thinking about how i used to play the oboe, so i’m thinking over the idea of maybe getting a used oboe for myself sometime after i start my new job. it’s kind of depressing to think of how well i used to be able to play the oboe, so it would be nice to get back into playing that some. at the very least maybe i could join brandon’s band and give it more cowbell!

in any case, it’s nifty yet upsetting that i know what i want to do but don’t know how to get there. see?

1. be eccentric

2. ????

3. profit!

oh well. i guess things’ll work out in the end, hehe.