#2076 – phat lewt

last night we (myself and my 3 roommates plus a girl who’s a friend of my roommate brandon) sat around and talked guy-stuff until 4 am. gareth tried to light on fire the carpet (which didn’t work), the plastic handle of a styrofoam cooler (which did until i blew it out), and he used the lighter to melt the styrofoam away to make a smiley face. we told him stop trying to burn the place down (especially since i’m one of the fire marshals on the floor, haha – i was appointed to the position with one other guy, so we’re supposed to keep an eye out for fires and alert the floor / help get people out if there is one). he got what he deserved when he tried to grab the plastic handle of the cooler right where he caught it on fire and it burned him so we pointed and laughed, hehehe.

david told us this funny story about how his older brother (actually his cousin, but he was adopted by david’s parents before david was born) used to have a pet rat. apparently he wanted to have this really badass rat, so he tried to train it to lift weights. the rat had an untimely end when david’s brother dropped a 10 lb weight on the rat. when david found out he asked how he died and his brother said “well, he was just working out at the time…”. XD;;;;

work today wasn’t too bad. i got a load of apple posters that i’m going to try to sell on ebay. no hologramic g5 poster for me though: 1) it’s a new poster for a current product, 2) the bosses would get it before i would, 3) a girl who works in gifts and supplies already said she had dibs on it. i figured there wasn’t much i could do about 1 or 2, but i’m doing the best i can against 3 – i took a post-it note and wrote my name on it and stuck it to the back of the poster so now i can say it’s got my name on it already. XD

mom called me while i was at work and left a message – apparently i just got a new autograph in the mail today. she didn’t want to say who it’s from, so it’s going to be a surprise ^_^ it’s taken over 2 years to arrive, hahaha…