#2074 – pants and boots

mom and i went to arundel mills today and got me a new pair of mobile pants as my khaki pair is wearing out and is getting frayed at the bottom of the cuffs. we also stopped in bass pro outfitters to get me new shoes – i needed both boots and sneakers (my boots had holes in the bottoms so when i stepped in puddles it would soak through and get my feet wet, and my sneakers were too small for my feet), so we got me two types of hiking boots… one looks more boot-like and cost more than what we were going to pay for boots, and the other looks more sneaker-like and cost less than what we were going to pay for sneakers, so things evened out. they’re both waterproof and feel nice. ^_^

we weren’t as lucky with my pants, though. they didn’t have the khaki mobile pants in my size in stock (apparently they don’t get them in that often), so we had to settle for a pair of black pants instead. oh well.

just ordered anne a monitor for her computer. mom was almost considering getting her a used laptop, haha.