#2072 – partying hard with andrew wk

so today bruno_boy and gaiadea and i took the metro in to dc to see ANDREW WK (his name just begs to be typed in all-caps sometimes). we got off at foggy bottom / gwu and walked down pennsylvania avenue to the tower records that he was working at as a guest cashier and signing autographs.

it was a pretty fun experience except for the line taking forever (apparently he had been practically writing paragraphs out to people as he autographed, haha). it wasn’t an incredibly long line (about 60 feet long?), it just took forever to go through. when we were about 10-15 feet from the door they said “well, andrew has to go get ready for a concert in 15 minutes – should we rush everyone through as fast as we can, or should we just stop now and have him come back at 7 when you can spend as much time as you want with him?”, and we all said to rush through. when we got up there he apologized to us and said that he’d be back at 7 if we wanted to stop back and talk with him some more.

they had one person selling the cds of his latest album as you got up to the front in line so it was all ready to have him autograph – his autograph looks exactly as i would have thought – lots of straight lines, haha. when i got up there he apologized to me about having to rush through, but he did say to me that he thought i was a “snazzy dresser”, haha.

pics of the adventure are here. (nevermind, gotta put them up on my ftp site… stupid umbc firewall 😛 looks like you’ll have to wait until tomorrow to see ’em… ^_^;;;;;). it was a very fun experience. ^_^ i also got “samba rock” by trio mocotó, and “samba soul 70” by various artists – if it wasn’t for bigbigtruck posting some of the songs from these albums i wouldn’t have discovered hwo catchy they are, haha.

some of my brothers are going to the grille in baltimore tonight, but i think i’ve spent enough for one day, and i’m going to head home in a few minutes for the night – mom and i are going to go shopping tomorrow for new mobile pants! ^_^