#2071 – anime list

*pokes anaidiana and xyloart* …got any requests? ^_^

lupin the 3rd:

– the castle cagliostro

– the secret of twilight gemini

– the pursuit of harimao’s treasure

– dragon of doom

– the world’s most wanted (TV eps)

the big o (vol 1)

oh my goddess!


– adventures of the mini-goddesses vol 1

kare kano (his & her circumstances) vol 1

black heaven vol 1 & 2

trigun vol 1


dominion tank police

otaku no video

cowboy bebop vol 1 & 2

excel saga vol 1

royal space force: the wings of honnemaise

cosmic warrior zero vol 1

macross plus

irresponsible captain tylor vol 2-4 (i lost vol 1 ;-;)

ghost in the shell

bubblegum crisis OVA

attack the gas station (korean live-action movie)