#2069 – license to thug

i had a dentist appointment at 2:45, but they originally scheduled me to work from 11-3, so they said i could come in an hour early and leave at 2. then yesterday the dentist office called me up and asked if i could come in about 15 minutes early – i told them i’d try, but since i got off of work at 2 and it takes me about 30 minutes to get to annapolis i wasn’t sure if i’d get there on time.

today i go to work at 10, leave at 2, and run down to my room to pick up my sweatshirt (it got cold while i as at work), my indy hat (it also started to rain while at work), my ipod, and my drivers license renewal slip. i was cracking up when i went to get this stuff – brandon had left a post-it note on the door saying:

GLENN – now is not a good time to come in! come back later if you can. if it’s an emergency and you need to get in then knock on the door first!

– brandon <3

i was going to just leave him and his girlfriend alone and figured that i could do without my ipod for tunes along the way, but i remembered my license renewal form was in the room and i figured i needed that and while i was in there i might as well grab my other stuff too. so i knocked a “shave and a hair-cut, two bits” on the door and after a few minutes brandon let me in, haha.

ran to the car and drove to annapolis. the rain was just pouring as i tried to drive, and i had just passed bwi around 2:30. about 10 minutes later while i was on 97 headed north they called me up to see where i was, and when i told them that i was on 97 almost to annapolis they said “ohhh… well, we’ve got the next patient here and you’re still about 10 minutes away and need to park, so…”. i told them to go ahead with the next patient and i’ll just reschedule. ^^;; things just didn’t work out for me getting to the dentist when they wanted me there today – even if it was at its original time i still would have arrived 5-10 minutes late. ^^;;

so, instead, i went to the department of motor vehicles and got there at 2:55 and sat around. an hour and 15 minutes later, and $31 poorer, i now have a new new over-21 license. (i say “new new over-21 license” because not only did i get a new license, i also got a new license – it just came out earlier this year – old license vs new license, see?). i hate doing the vision tests – whenever they say “read line 4 for me” i have to look at it crosseyed to read 😛 something makes me think their machines are broken (especially since one time my eye doctor said that my eyes weren’t bad enough to need glasses to drive and the mva thought otherwise!).

i tried to call gaiadea‘s cell phone but it went straight to voicemail! 😛 guess i’ll try the house in a few minutes… need some food first…